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Classic Round Bridal Bouquets Ideas

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Check out a few ideas of classic fresh flowers bridal bouquets.

It`s very important to have an idea about which type of flowers you want, for the best bouquets flowers arrangements, as you wished.

A round bouquet is the most popular shape for weddings and they`re not going out of style anytime soon.

It`s a simple, yet elegant and traditional bouquet shape and can be designed with a single or a few type of flowers arranged in a perfect dome, wrapped tight with a silk ribbon.

With many years of experience, our wedding specialist can guide you with the choice of colours and design, everything from the choice of blooms to the colour of the ribbon used to tie your bouquet. You can book a free Wedding Floral Consultation and once we have met you will receive a tailored quote in maximum 48 hours.

Our online flower delivery services cover Central belt of Scotland, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fife as well as their surrounding areas.

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