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How to choose Funeral Flowers?

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Flowers are a important part of a funeral service and all kind of ceremonies. After someone passing away, sending flowers to the deceased`s family it`s a beautiful way to express your sympathy, offer condolences and provide something uplifting during a difficult time. Friends and family will send arrangements to honour the deceased and their loved ones.

When words are not enough to extend your condolences on the passing of a family member or friend, flowers can serve as the perfect way to express your emotions.

How do you know which funeral flowers we should pick?

What`s the difference between funeral flowers and sympathy flowers?

Depending on the size of the flowers and where they are sent, there is a way to distinguish a difference between them.

But before you purchase flowers for a loved one’s service, take some time to understand the different types of flowers available, what they symbolize and how they can be arranged.

Funeral flowers are typically selected by family members or close family friends. The two main reasons for this are because of the size of the flowers and their role in the funeral service. The floral arrangement selected by the family are usually displayed at the front of the chapel next to the casket and the top of the casket during the service .The flowers need to be large enough for them to be viewed from anywhere in the room. The large displays can be purchased in different shapes such as Sprays, Wreaths, Hearts, Crosses or Floral Letters.

Sympathy Flowers are floral arrangements and bouquets that are sent by friends and loved ones to the deceased`s family. It`s a beautiful way to offer condolences and express your sympathy and can be sent the week of the funeral service or the following week to show your support.

Sympathy Flowers can be delivered directly to the funeral home where funeral directors will arrange everything appropriately around the casket during the viewing or wake. If you are not close to the family but want to send condolences, you may choose to send your floral arrangement to their home or office. In this case, baskets and bouquets are more appropriate than a wreath or spray.

Type of Funeral Flowers

It`s the most popular floral arrangement and represent a group of flowers that can be displayed in a vase or a basket and are available in many shapes, sizes and styles.

A casket spray is the main floral tribute that is usually placed across the top of the casket. Full casket sprays are used for closed casket services while half-casket sprays which only cover a portion of the casket. This arrangement is often purchased by the immediate family of the deceased.

This tastefully colourful casket spray is not only a tribute to a lost loved one, but a reminder of the many joyous times spent together. The beautiful bouquet includes peach roses, light pink spray roses, coral spray roses, cerise roses,  and assorted greenery.​
A beautifully scottish way to pay tribute to a loved one. This half-couch spray sends an eloquent message of strength, respect and freedom.

Sprays is a large floral arrangement and are displayed on a prominent position near the casket. They are usually arranged in the shape of a heart, cross, tear drop or triangle. These large displays are typically sent directly to the funeral home or church.

This beautiful floral tribute wreath blossoming with cream and white flowers is the perfect choice for either delivering in sympathy to pay your respects or as a fresh, natural display for a funeral service in memory of the deceased.

A wreath is a circular floral arrangement and are usually placed on the doors of funeral homes. The symbolism of wreaths has been used at funerals since at least the time of Ancient Greece, to represent a circle of eternal life and resurrection.

These are smaller funeral flower arrangements in circular shape allowing flowers to be displayed perfectly from all angles.

Before you purchase flowers to send to the funeral home or the family, it’s important to understand what the flowers represent and take some time to understand what different flowers mean. Below we’ve listed few of the most popular flowers for funerals:

Carnation are used for funerals because they keep fresh for a long time. Pink carnations represent fascination & remembrance and white carnations represent pure love, which makes these two colours a very popular choice.

Chrysanthemums are used as funeral flowers because represent grief and truth. Regardless of their symbolism, they are generally believed to be a positive and cheerful tribute.

Lilies are highly universal flowers that’s suitable for any occasion and is the most popular choice for funerals. They can symbolize purity, prosperity, passion, confidence and pride.

Hydrangea is not directly associated with funerals but is common gift of thanks and can be an appropriate gesture to send to a family in bereavement.

Gladiolis are composed of a stem with multiple flowers. They are a classic and traditional choice for funerals and are often used because they symbilize strength of character and moral integrity. They are available in a wide array of colours.

Roses are without a doubt one of the most versatile flowers, as each colour has its own meaning: white represents humility and innocence, red  love and respect, pink signifies love and appreciation, dark crimson indicates sorrow, and yellow symbolizes strong ties.

Orchid - Pink and white orchid plants are the colours associated with mourning and represent eternal love. Phalaenopsis and dendrobium orchids are generally the most appropriate as Sympathy Flowers.

Funeral directors and funeral homes will not supply the flowers, and they often use the same suppliers over and over again. While this may mean that you can be attached to a florist that you don’t like.

If you decide to buy funeral flowers directly from a florist without any intermediary, visit and get quotes from at least two or three different suppliers, so you’ll have a better idea and choose best price and quality. Poorly crafted flower arrangements could spoil the entire visual aesthetic of the funeral service.

If someone you know has recently passed away, offer the family your condolences by purchasing a beautiful arrangement of flowers from our online flower shop and you can send funeral flowers directly to the service or the family’s home. Our flower delivery services cover Central belt of Scotland, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fife as well as their surrounding areas.

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