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Why Florist Choice it`s a good option?

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

What is Florist Choice?

The Florist Choice service allows our highly skilled, trusted floral designers to select the very best, freshest flowers on your behalf. This ensures that despite ongoing supply shortages of certain flowers, quality will not be compromised.

Florist Choice by EpicFlora

Not sure what to send? Allow our expert florists to create a special bouquet just for you using the flowers that look at their very best and select the most glorious scented blooms and combine them in a way that is unique and seasonal.

We absolutely can guarantee though is that the end result will be astonishing and wonderfully expressive. Some flowers may arrive in bud form. These will bloom within a couple of days and you will be able to enjoy them longer.

We’ve got an impressive selection of flowers and arrangements for everyone’s taste! From home decor options, to bouquets for special occasions — there’s always a reason to invest in your very own arrangement. Our flowers are fresher and of better quality than all the rest. Check out what our recent customers have to say about their wonderful experiences, and order your flowers through our online flower delivery!


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